Review Structure

Review Structure

In order to keep my reviews consistent, I adopted a specific review structure.

First note, I DO NOT provide a synopsis of the book I am reviewing. I have a few reasons for this. First, if you are savvy enough to track down my review, I assume that you are also able to head to sites like Amazon, Fantastic Fiction, or the book’s Publisher site to find a professionally written review that would be better written than anything I provide. Secondly, I am highly concerned about Spoilers. I have learned that what is a spoiler to one person, may not necessarily be a spoiler to another and visa versa. To avoid even the appearance of spoilers, I leave the synopsis writing to the professionals.

As I am currently deciding what to do with this blog, no consistent review structure will be used. I will attempt to write blurb style reviews of books I have completed. Check out my Goodreads or Audible page for more c0nsistent book talk.

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27 12 2016
David Lake

Sounds perfectly sensible

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