Review Policy

Review Policy

It is the policy of The Guilded Earlobe to give a thorough, honest review of the Audiobook, no matter how I receive it.

For the most part the audiobooks received have been either purchased by me through or borrowed from the library, either physically or through Overdrive. Occasionally I may receive review copies of audiobooks from Publishers. There will be no difference in my approach to reviewing an audiobook based on the manner in which I receive it.

To Publishers/Marketers:

I am no longer accepting review request. If you are a publisher/content provider I have worked with in the past feel free to contact me. If you want to recommend your books to me, fine, feel free to contact me on Twitter or Email, just know I will not be accepting books with a promise to review them.


Twitter @guildedearlobe


Just note, I focus mostly on Fiction. My favorite types of novels are:

Post Apocalyptic
Legal Thrillers
Police Procedurals
Modern Detective
Military Science Fiction
Space Opera
Urban Fantasy
Alternate History


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16 01 2012


I’m Lynn Hardy, author of the #1 kindle bestseller, Prophecy of the Flame series. 100% of the proceeds from the first book in this series goes to a nonprofit that provides food and shelter to homeless families with children. This includes the full cast, unabridged, audio book. The proceeds from the move (in production) will also go to Agape Assistance.

Will you consider a review of this audio book? It is a fantasy book from the contemporary pov: Five strangers are zapped into a magical world and changed into their gaming characters.


27 09 2014
Emily Ball

I have read the Divergent series and loved all the books. I like listening to audio books also. I bought Divergent and was really disappointed in the chosen narrator, Emma Galvin. To me it sounded like a twelve year old reading this book. Her voice was actually annoying to me. There wasn’t very much (not sure what word to use) feeling in the reading. This might only be my preferences. I would return the audible book I purchased from Amazon, but they don’t take back audio books. I guess that I won’t buy another book narrated by Emma Galvin.

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