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7 responses

7 03 2011
Phil Gigante

Dear Bob,

Thank you! Andrew Vachss has forwarded some of your reviews of his Burke novels, and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your kind words. I know he does as well. I worte to Andrew and told him that it always the most gratifying when a positive review comes from someone who understands, enjoys, and really gets the source material–and then says we did the audiobook justice. I loved being in Burkes world; I just completed my last Burke book in fact, and was a bit down–your review brightened my day, so thank you again!

Like you, I also am a fan of science fiction and fantasy, and enjoy performing those books as well, but a series like Mr. Vachss’ comes along very rarely, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings on it.

Lookingforward to reading your other reviews!

Phil Gigante

21 04 2015
Mark Berry

Phil, you did great with Scott Sigler’s Nocturnal. Cheers, Mark L. Berry

30 03 2011
Ollie Wyman

Hey Bob,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful things you’ve said about my work. It really does mean a lot to me. As I’m fond of saying, actors are psychic vampires, and being an audio book narrator means you almost never have an audience to feed off of. My brother Nick is a well-known Broadway actor, and I’m more than a little envious of the adulation he receives nightly. He feeds well indeed.

I have to say though, for all the esteem I get from your blog, it also gives me pangs of regret. Like yourself, I am an enormous fan of science fiction and fantasy, and “The Stainless Steel Rat” is perhaps my favorite science fiction series of all time (At least the first four. To be honest, I think Harrison jumped the shark with “A Stainless Steel Rat is Born”). When I found out that Brilliance Audio had gotten the rights to do the books, I contacted them immediately, only to discover that they had been promised to Phil Gigante. C’est la vie. I look forward to meeting Phil at the Audie awards in May so that I may congratulate him and quietly slip him a mickey.

All kidding aside, I really do appreciate what you are doing for us narrators, and the audio book industry in general. You are absolutely correct when you say that I have a blast recording books like the “Monster Hunter” series. There were more than a few moments where l found myself giggling like an idiot while recording them. And knowing how popular they are, it means so much to me to hear that people are enjoying them. I can hardly wait to start recording “Monster Hunter Alpha”.

Keep up the good work!

All the best,

Ollie Wyman

28 07 2011

why do you build people up just to kill them off, i can understand doing it once even twice but you wont stop.ive read 5 of your books and i feel it was a waste of ll be dead before you finish the dam story . and if you not everyone worth reading about will be. im sorry i read the 1st one

2 02 2012
Jennie Mortarotti (@audiobookguru)

Not sure why my comment picked up that old sassyvic. But I left it as @audiobookguru, from
WP is the only one that picks that up. hmmm.
Well, great site you have here. xxx

1 05 2013

Trying to find your goodreads…failing horribly

8 12 2014
Clarence dust

I am looking for an audio copy of the bill bailey books by Catherine Cookson . I have found a cassette copy but the cost is $460 . I was hoping to get this for Christmas for my wife but even to just get the copy would be great thank you for your time and help..,

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