Audiobook Review: The Second Girl by David Swinson

3 02 2017


The Second Girl by David Swinson

Read by Christopher Ryan Grant

Hachette Audio

Grade: B+

Fiction is full of likeable antiheroes that you just can’t help but cheer for, well, the protagonist of David Swinson thriller, Frank Marr a coke addicted ex DC cop, isn’t that. He’s not very likeable, and the only reason you want him to succeed is because the stakes are so high. Swinson takes what could be a predictable set up, and makes it feel fresh. He never lets up, pushing the reader deeper in the crime ridden back alleys of the metropolitan DC area. It’s a top notch crime tale, with a unique but disturbing main character, that comes together well.


If some mad scientist put used some fringe science experiment to create the perfect gritty cop voice, he’d probably just end up with Christopher Ryan Grant’s contact information. Grant captures the character of Frank Marr perfectly and keeps the listener engaged with his strong pacing and solid peripheral characterizations.