Welcome to the Apocalypse: Upcoming Audiobooks for The Walking Dead Fans

23 03 2012

While Rick, Glenn, Andrea and the rest are on hiatus hanging out in the shadows of a creepy prison, The Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t rest. If you are like me, you need a regular zombie fix or you start jonesing for entrails and brains. Well, have no fear, there are plenty of new Zombie Apocalypse Audiobooks coming out between now and the Season 3 Premiere of The Walking Dead.

Completed Trilogies

If you are like me, often times you hate that long wait between books of a series or trilogy. Well, here are two trilogies whose finales are due out over the next few months:

The Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant

Hachette Audio

Blackout, Book 3 will be out early June,

As the World Dies Trilogy by Rhiannon Frater

Audible Frontiers

Siege, Book 3 will be out soon.


Ongoing Series

Sometimes it’s nice to meet a bunch of Survivors and follow their ongoing adventures adventures. Here are some series with new audiobooks coming out in the next few months.

Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo

Tantor Audio

Four Audiobooks in this series will be released by Tantor Audio over the next few months.

The Becoming Series by Jessica Meigs

Audible Frontiers

Book 2 The Becoming: Ground Zero will be released in July.

The Dead World Series by Joe McKinney

Tantor Audio

Mutated, the fourth book in the series will be released in September.

The Infection Series by Craig DiLouie

Audible Frontiers

The Killing Floor, the next book of the series, will be available in April.

Undead Debut

It’s always fun to discover a new author. Check out this Debut release.

The Return Man by V M Zito

Hachette Audio

The Return Man releases in early April


Young Adult Zombies

Let’s face it, kids like zombies too. The following are series of novels written for young adults, but should make adults hearts leap out of their chests as well.

The Benny Imuru Series by Jonathan Maberry

Recorded Books

Flesh & Bones, the final book in the trilogy will be released in September.

The Ashes Trilogy by Ilsa J. Bick

Brilliance Audio

Shadows, Book 2 of The Ashes Trilogy will be released in September. Cover Art not yet available.


Zombie Anthologies

Sometimes you don’t want to take on the whole hordes at once, just handle the zombies in a couple quick bursts. Here is a Zombie Anthology with stories by some of the top names in Zombie fiction including Sons of Anarchy’s Creator, Kurt Sutter.

21st Century Dead ed. by Christopher Golden

Blackstone Audio

This title will be released in July.

The Walking Dead Audiobook

The Governor is one of the key antagonist of the Graphic Novel version of The Walking Dead, and will make his way to the Television series soon. Learn his backstory in these audiobooks.

The Walking Dead Audiobook Series by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga

MacMillan Audio

Book 2, The Road to Woodbury will be released early October.

Permuted Press Zombie and Post Apocalyptic Releases

Permuted Press is one of the more successful publishers of Zombie and Post Apocalyptic Fiction. Their deal with Audioble Frontiers continues and there will be a plethora of new audiobook releases over the next few months.

The Following Titles will be released:

March 27th

April 10th

April 24th

Well, I am sure there are more than these coming soon, and feel free to leave a comment about an upcoming Zombie or Post Apocalyptic Novel you are excited about.

If you are looking for Zombie Titles right now, check out my list of Best Apocalyptic Zombie Audiobooks of 2011.

Audiobook Review: Tooth and Nail by Craig DiLouie

3 02 2011

Tooth and Nail by Craig DiLouie

Read By Steve Cooper

Books In Motion

Genre: Zombie Apocalypse

Quick Thoughts: Bad Narration and stilted unrealistic dialogue makes this a tough listen.

Grade: C-


I am not a great writer, nor was I ever a master of literary critique. I tend to base my reviews on my enjoyment and impression of the book or audiobook. It doesn’t mean that it’s a bad book or poorly written, it just means that in my meager opinion, I just didn’t enjoy it. It’s almost on par with an emotional response, and because of that, I dislike giving overly critical reviews. I decided to listen to Craig DiLouie’s Tooth and Nail, based solely on the fact it was an apocalyptic zombie book. I usually love those types of novels. ZA Rect’s Morningstar novels, and JL Bourne’s Day by Day Armageddon series are good examples. So, I hoped to get a similar thrill from Tooth and Nail.

I didn’t. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there was just something off about the book. Overall, the story, about a Military Unit battling Zombies in New York City, was fine, interesting enough to get me all the way through the 10 hour production. Yet, unfortunately there were issues that kept me from fully engaging with the story. The dialogue was stilted and unrealistic sounding, there was an overuse of repetitive military slang and slogans making every character seem like the same cardboard cutout, and the weird shifts in perspective and use of the third person present tense, just made the book seem, well… off.

Sometimes weird dialogue can be saved by a good narrator, but here, I believe things were made worst by the robotic reading by Steve Cooper. Cooper has a “…meanwhile at the Hall of Justice” type voice which probably would do well to tell me what movies were going to be a “thrill ride” but for a full length production, just came off this side of grating. His characters were better, but still most sounded pretty much the same, which made it hard to connect, and even differentiate characters. Overall, there was just enough in this book, where with a better reader, I would be willing to listen to sequel.