Armchair Audies 2013 Category Wrap Up Post: Fantasy

20 05 2013

Armchair Audies 2013 Wrap Up: Fantasy

This years Fantasy category offered over 93 hours of diversity within the Fantasy genre. As a genre, I thought 2012 was a strong year for Fantasy, and I was a bit surprised by the selections. To say I was under helmed would be putting it mildly. Despite having some issues with the content, all of the performances were outstanding in this category. There were some old favorites and new to me narrators, and all of them I enjoyed. Despite some books that I found less than compelling, there were a few standout listens that I may have never listened to if not for this event. So, first off… The Nominees.

Click on the Cover Images for my Reviews:

All Men of Genius by Lev AC Rosen

Read by Emily Gray

Recorded Books

Length: 17 Hrs 2 Min

Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan (The Riyria Revelations, Volume 1)

Read by Tim Gerard Reynolds

Recorded Books

Length: 22 Hrs 37 Min

The Restorer by Amanda Stevens (The Graveyard Queen, Book 1)

Read by Khristine Hvam

Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd. \ Audible

Length: !0 Hrs 52 Min

Anita by Keith Roberts

Read by Nicola Barber

Neil Gaiman Presents

Length: 9 Hrs

Princess of Wands by John Ringo

Read by Suzy Jackson

Audible Frontiers

Length: 11 Hrs 29 Min

Heroes Die: The First of the Acts of Caine by Matthew Woodring Stover

Read by Stefan Rudnicki

Audible Frontiers

Length: 22 Hrs 28 Min

My Pick:

For me, this was a two horse race. I went back and forth on my pick a few times factoring many different factors like publication date, narrator history, genre integrity and what I thought the judges of the APA would do, and then I threw it all out and decided to go with my overall favorite as my pick. For me, it came down to Michael Sullivan’s Epic Fantasy Theft of Swords, and Lev AC Rosen’s All Men of Genius. Now, I think Heroes Die and Anita also both have excellent shots to win, but based on my pure enjoyment Theft of Swords and All Men of Genius stood out. Theft of Swords is the most traditional style of Fantasy nominated, and for this I’d be happy with a win for Sullivan and Tim Gerard Reynolds, but one title was just so delightfully fun, full of madcapped scenarios and over the top characters that I just had to choose it and I think the good judges of the APA will as well. So, for the Fantasy category, my pick is:

All Men of Genius by Lev AC Rosen read by Emily Gray for Recorded Books