Audiobook News and Notes for April 1st, 2012

1 04 2012


The Following is some notes of interest to people in the Audiobook world.

Disclaimer: None of these stories are confirmed and should not be viewed as reliable. The people mentioned in this post can be viewed as imaginary constructs of the author’s mind and only tangentially related to people who may or may not share the same name.

The Audible B+ List: Due to the Success of The A-list promotion Audible has announced its follow up program, The B+ List. Here, some of your favorite professional narrators will impersonate some of your favorite Hollywood Celebrities reading some of your favorite novels. Audible CEO Don Katz says, "You really haven’t heard Nicole Kidman read the classic post nuclear novel On the Beach by Neal Shute, until you’ve heard Katherine Kellgren impersonating Nicole Kidman reading the classic post nuclear novel On The Beach by Neal Shute." The first wave of these books will include Katherine Kellgren as Nicole Kidman reading Neal Shute’s On the Beach, Phil Gigante as Tom Hanks reading the unabridged version of Winston Groom’s Gump & Co. and Oliver Wyman as Christopher Walken reading E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web.

Click HERE for a Sample of Oliver Wyman as Christopher Walken reading Charlotte’s Web.

Narrator Change: In a surprise move, the audiobook producers of Lee Child’s popular Jack Reacher Novels, about a former military cop who now roams America getting into ultra violent adventures, will be changing narrators. According to one anonymous insider, this wasn’t an easy decision. "Dick Hill is the signature voice of Jack Reacher, but with the outrage by Reacher fans over the casting of Tom Cruise as Reacher in the One Shot movie, we decided to take some pressure off the movie’s producers by redirecting the fans rage to someone else." Early reports say the frontrunners to voice Reacher in A Wanted Man are Robin Sachs and Bahni Turpin. Lee Child has refused to comment on the situation.

Dan Wells, author of I Am Not a Serial Killer, and Partials, upon hearing that Stephen King will narrate his latest Dart Tower novel, The Wind Through the Keyhole, has announced that he is interested in narrating the follow up to his hit young adult dystopian novel, Partials. Yet, his announcement comes with a twist. Well’s says, "I really believe I can bring a sense of authenticity to the reading of any book in the Partials world. I mean, I created Kira, I should give her her voice. Yet, to ensure that I am properly prepared for that endeavor, I call on Harper audio to allow me to read Feedback, the sequel to my brother’s novel Variant." Robison Wells, the author of Variant and the upcoming Feedback responded. "This is just his attempt to get back at me for giving him the nickname Mushmouth when we were kids. Harper will not fall for his devious plan." Harper is said to be considering Well’s request.

Author Jonathon Franzen has reportedly hired a local artist specializing in stone carvings to engrave his novel "The Corrections" into stone tablets and then hide them in a deep cavern in Arizona. A publicists has says, "As always, Franzen is concerned about the permanence of the written word and fears an apocalyptic event which may bring about an end to words on paper and electronic format. Franzen believes a world without his writings is a world without hope." In related news, Franzen has been seen scratching the opening chapter to his next novel into the stalls of New York City bathrooms with a pen knife.

TC McCarthy’s novel Exogene has been nominated for the TC McCarthy Awards for Excellence in Speculative Fiction. Although this is the first year of the Award, it is steeped in the rich history of giving awards to worthy works of fiction of a speculative nature. The other nominees included Germline by TC McCarthy, The Legionnaires by TC McCarthy, Control Point by Myke Cole and a haiku written by Connie Wilson on a cocktail napkin at last year’s WorldCon. Says vocal Awards critic Christopher Priest "The people who chose these nominees are brilliant. They really should replace the panel of morons running The Clarke Awards. I mean, that was a friggin’ awesome Haiku."

Also, an Announcement about the future direction of this blog.

After a lot of soul searching and interaction with my family, I have decided to heed Joel Stein’s advice. I will now only be reviewing novels that are marketed exclusively towards 30 something middle class white guys from the Philadelphia area. Due to this, I am calling on the audiobook industry to produce more novelizations of popular adult movies, being this is really the only series of novels that meet these specific criteria,

Coming Soon:

I have no specific new Blogging Events that I will be taken part of in April. Much of April will be spent listening to my categories for Armchair Audies. I also hope to have a few interviews coming up with some Audie nominated Authors and narrators in April, as well as the final week in May, when I will be posting my final posts on the categories.


Last year, I spent a month listening and reviewing mostly Zombie novels. This year, I will be doing the same thing, only with more of an official event feel. May is Zombie Awareness Month will not be a “Blog Challenge.” There will be no sign up required or goals to reach, but there will be a place to post reviews, and posts about anything zombie related.Also, if you are interested in doing a guest post feel free to contact me in the comments, or at

Don’t Forget, June is Audiobook month, and Devourer of Book’s Audiobook Week are also coming in just a few months, with lot’s of specialness and audiobook goodness to explore.

Have a wonderful April 1st. Don’t believe the man.

February Month in Review, March Preview

1 03 2012

If you judge things by Traffic numbers, February has been the most successful month yet. It was also quite productive. I caught up on my reviews for the first time of the year with the help of a 48 hour long audiobook. I posted 15 Audiobook Review and 2 Print Review, as well as two more Top 10 lists in my Welcome to the Apocalypse series.

My Favorite Audiobooks of the Month were:

The Stand by Stephen King narrated by Grover Gardner

Throne of the Crescent Moon by Ahmed Saladin narrated by Phil Gigante

Control Point by Myke Cole narrated by Corey Jackson

My Most Popular New Audiobook Review of the Month:

Stand On Zanzibar by John Brunner narrated by Erik Bergmann

My Favorite Print Read of the Month

Devil Red by Joe R. Lansdale 

My Top 10 Lists:

Top 10 Adult Dystopian Novels

Top 10 Post Apocalyptic Novels: Plagues and Pandemic


Blog Events:

I participated in two Blog Events that are now over:

This is my first time participating in one of Presenting Lenore’s Dystopian Themed months and I enjoyed it immensely. There was a lot of cool stuff, review, interview and giveaways, and I definitely added a few titles I discovered to my growing piles.  Because of this challenge, I listened to a few classic dystopian audiobooks as well as a few new ones.


Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings hosted the two month long “Not A Challenge.” I discovered a lot of great books, new blogs to follow and some cool new people by participating. Click on the image above to find nearly 175 science fiction reviews to explore.

March Preview:

In March, beyond the normal challenges I’m involved in, I will be participation in Roofbeam Reader’s Magical March Challenge.

I will be attempting to achieve Grand Merlin Status by reading/listening to 8 science Fiction/Fantasy novels in March. I’m looking forward to discovering new books as well as meeting new bloggers in this challenge.


I have plenty of exciting new reviews coming, including the following audiobooks:


One of the Dilemmas I am facing is I have a limited number of Audible Credits, and a large selection to choose from. I will have 3 credits, and a huge wish list. I tend to use my Audible credits for audiobooks I can’t get at the library or as review copies. most of these titles are Audible Frontiers Products. The following are images of some Audiobooks on my wishlist. Feel free to leave a comment on a title you would like to see reviewed here at the ‘lobe.

These six are at top of my wishlist. Feel free to include any other title you may consider, particularly if it’s speculative fiction.

One Last March tidbit, March 19th is my birthday! I plan to celebrate by taking the day off, and doiing some reading. My friends/family usually take me out to a movie of my choice some time around that time. I will probably choose The Hunger Game movie, since it comes out March 23rd.

Looking Forward:

Last year I did a very low key Zombie month. This year, I am planning something bigger for May, because May is Zombie Awareness Month. If there are any other bloggers who would like to participate feel free to contact me. Also, I would love someone with more Artistic skills than myself to design a Button for then Event. For the month, there will be interviews, reviews, guest posts, and for the first time here on The Gulded Earlobe, giveaways.

Have a great march everybody!


Note: I‘d like to thank my dog Munch and my cat Cali for posing for the pictures included in this post. I bribed them with treats.




January in Review

1 02 2011

January was a pretty good month for audiobooks. We had some strong new releases, Including new books by Dean Koontz, John Ringo, E. E. Knightm Robert Crais and John Lescroart. My favorite book of the month had to be Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okafor, which was also my biggest surprise of the months. I was also pleasantly surprised by Cobra by Timothy Zahn which had a lot more depth that I expected. My only real disappointment was Lescroart’s Damage, it had some good moments, but also a lot more annoying moments, and it dragged on and on.

You can click on the the book title’s below to read my reviews of the book.


Books I read in January.


What the Night Knows by Dean Koontz

Last Light by Alex Scarrow

Citadel by John Ringo

Blossum by Andrew Vachss

Feed by Mira Grant

The Weight by Andrew Vachss

March in Country by E. E. Knight

Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okafor

The Sentry by Robert Crais

Damage by John Lescroart

Gideon’s War by Howard Gordon

A Welcome Grave by Michael Koryta

Afterlight by Alex Scarrow

Cobra by Timothy Zahn

The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card


Genre Breakdown:

Out of 15 Audiobooks:

6 Mystery/Thriller

4 Science Fiction

2 Fantasy

2 Post Apocalyptic Thriller

1 Supernatural Thriller


Interesting Facts:

6 Were released in January 2011

5 Were books by authors I had never read before this month

6 Were Books in Series I had read before Jan 2011


New Releases I am looking forward to in February.