Audiobook Review: Tear It Down by Nick Petrie

14 01 2019

Tear it Down by Nick Petrie (Peter Ash, Book 4)

Read by Stephen Mendel

Penguin Audio

Grade: B

Truly all a good action series needs is an intriguing main character, a colorful cast of supporting characters, a decent hook and lots of fun explosions and car chases. Well, the latest Peter Ash thriller, Tear It Down has this in spades. Petrie takes the “drifter who gets involved” motif and cranks it up for a fun adventure taking on both white supremacists and drug dealers while trying to help people. Don’t look for anything too deep, just lots of fun thrills.

Stephen Mendel’s narration hits all the right notes. He reads the many action scenes with a high paced intensity that creates a manic but clear picture of the action, driving the story in just the right direction.



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