Audiobook Review: Feral by James DeMonaco and B.K. Evenson

4 04 2017

Feral by James DeMonaco and B. K. Evenson

Read by  Kirsten Potter , Brittany Pressley , Erin Spencer , Jorjeana Marie , Hillary Huber

Random House Audio

Grade: B

I was in the market for a good horror novel when I happened upon Feral, and was instantly intrigued by the combination of the writer of The Purge and Evenson who wrote Immobility, one of the smartest Post Apocalyptic novels I have read. I was hoping for a combination of styles, a smart but graphic horror novel. Instead I got another “not really zombies because they are alive” pandemic novel in the vein of DL Moody or about 100 YA authors. Not that it was bad, just not all that original and while the use of gender in the pandemic was intriguing I felt there were missed opportunities to explore the biochemistry behind gender instead of just the “hey, one dude is immune” twist. I think YA fans will find so many familiar tropes better done in other books and adult horror fans won’t find the chills and thrills they are looking for. 

There are definitely some stand out performances by an excellent group on narrators, particularly in Brittany Presley and Kirsten Potter. The problem with the novel came down to its structure. Most multi narrator novels have distinct POVs, yet in Feral it was more muttered often finding one narrator voicing the internal thoughts of a character usually voiced by another.  Being that each narrator has a distinct style, these created a sense of dissonance for the listener. The story may have been better served with a single narrator, creating a more consistent feel to the audiobook. Any of this cast of talented narrators would have been up to the task. 




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