Audiobook Review: Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

21 03 2017

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Read by Anna Bentinick, Josie Dunn, Bea Holland, Huw Parmenter 

Macmillan Audio

Grade: B

If you’re planning on reading this book but haven’t yet then don’t read this review. I mean, really, stop now. I’m serious…

You still here? *Shakes Head*

Honestly people, if you’re at all interested in this book, just read it. I can’t promise you’ll love it, but you’ll definitely have a reaction to it. But, reading any review about it will affect you, even one that tries to avoid spoilers because the fact that the potential for spoilers exist is in itself a spoiler. Just one of those literary paradoxes.
So, I didn’t love this book. At times I found it very frustrating. I didn’t like the characters or understand their motivations. The author used a lot of POV tricks which placed the reader in an almost omniscient observer role which while clever also never allowed you the distance from the reality of what was happening to find any character to root for. The weird obsessive love triangle push the boundaries between true love and delusional behavior. Yet, there was something compelling about the story, something simmering underneath the surface that kept you invested. 

Then came the ending.

Here the author is treading dangerous waters. If you truly loved the delusional love triangle story, I think the ending would just piss you off. But, if you found it all frustrating then the ending works. It either destroys the story or saves it, and for me it was a big acrobatic goaltender sports highlight real sort of save. It was shocker that left lots of questions followed by a totally unexpected shocker that answered them. It’s the ending that made the journey and justified all the work that it took you to get there.

Now, the narration. In truth, I didn’t get it. Now, none of the performances where bad, in fact they were all quite good. Yet, what I didn’t get was the use of multiple narrators who, at least to my unrefined American ears, all sounded the same. It’s hard to evaluate because I’m not sure who took on what role or when the narrator changes came. Honestly, if you told me it was all the same narrator I would have been like “Duh, of course it was.” Yet, whoever did whaterever here, it was good.



One response

6 04 2017

I just finished this book and enjoyed reading your review. I was frustrated a bit with the story, feeling it was often a bit slow or boring. Then we have the ending and that did save the story for me. You were right about that.

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