Audiobook Review: Beneath the Skin: The Sam Hunter Collection by Jonathan Maberry

21 02 2017

Beneath the Skin: The Sam Hunter Collection by Jonathan Maberry

Read by Ray Porter

Blackstone Audio, Inc.

Grade: B

Years ago I read Like One of the Family and instantly became a fan of Maberry’s Sam Hunter character. This collection of five stories features Sam Hunter, Maberry’s very unique ex-cop turned Private Investigator. While each story works well on its own, you can’t help but feel that Hunter is a key player in Maberry’s mythos. On the negative side, each story follows a similar formula, so they may be better experienced individualally then one after another. Yet, this is a small quibble since the formula was created by Maberry.

Ray Porter is a personal favorite of mine and is perfect for these stories. He even managed to capture the Philly grit for this Philly native and pronounced all the local towns in the proper Philly way. It was a little hard to separate Ray Porter as Joe Ledger from Ray Porter as Sam Hunter here but largely because I’m in such Ledger withdraw I hear his voice in my sleep whispering to me in R’lyehian.




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