Audiobook Review: The Guise of Another by Allen Eskens 

17 02 2017

The Guise of Another by Allen Eskens

Read by Jonathan Yen

Tantor Audio

Grade: B

There are a lot of books featuring likeable troubled antiheroes seeking redemption but in The Guise of Another author Allen Eskens flips the trope on its head taking what could be a typical crime thriller and turning it into a carefully constructed character character study that uses the readers preconceptions against them. It’s  a well executed tale that works on many levers leaving the listener satisfied yet a little off balance. He builds well in his first novel adding nuance to the shared characters of the world he created. 

I think Jonathan Yen is a good narrator when working in a multi-narrator production or in a first person tale with a character that fits his style but struggles when he’s the sole voice in a 3rd person narrative. He has the gruff detective thing down fine but at times his rhythm and cadence seemed a bit off. Admittedly, he has an old school narration style that isn’t really my favorite, yet I know appeals to other listeners so this just may be a matter of personal taste. Overall, the performance doesn’t really distract from the book but it doesn’t really enhance it either. 




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