My Favorite TV Shows of 2016

10 01 2017

I’m thinking about making this blog a bit more than Audiobooks, so for fun here’s my favorite TV Shows of 2016. I’m typically a binge watcher of TV and rarely watch more than an episode a night. I’m always open to suggestions. I tend to lean towards Sci-fi in books, I lean more towards mysteries/thrillers in my TV, especially British. 

1. Line of Duty, Season 3 (Hulu)

2. Happy Valley, Season 2 (Netflix)

3. The Night Manager (AMC)

4. Quarry (Cinemax)

5. The Expanse (Syfy)

6. Person of Interest, Season 5 (CBS)

7. Orphan Black, Season 3 (BBCAmerica)

8. The Night of… (HBO)

9. Bosch (Amazon Prime)

10. 12 Monkeys, Season 2 (Syfy)

11. Stranger Things (Netflix)

12. Game of Thrones, Season 6 (HBO)
Honorable Mentions: Hap & Leonard, Goliath, The Americans, Fargo, Season 2, Marcella, River, Jessica Jones, Jack Irish, The Kesserling Incident 
There were a few shows I didn’t love that I thought I would Westworld was kinda meh, until the final few Episodes, The People vs. Oj Simpson was brilliant at times but its True Crime nature blunted it for me, and I never really felt Mr. Robot the way so many people did.




3 responses

10 01 2017

Have you tried The OA on Netflix?

10 01 2017

I did. Finished it last week, liked it a lot.

11 01 2017

I like The OA a lot too. The reddit sub for that show is very entertaining with all the theories fans have come up with.
Have you tried Crazyhead on Netflix? It’s a British show.

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