May Is Zombie Awareness Month

1 05 2013


Welcome to Zombie Awareness Month

It’s May. April’s Showers have finally given into May’s Flowers, and the accidental release of the Mayflower virus has awaken the dead who now roam through your flower patch. streak blood and mud on your carpet and attempt to feast upon your entrails. Yet, they won’t succeed because you are prepared, you are aware, all thanks to Zombie Awareness Month.

So don your carpet body armor, grab your head knocker and make some room in your underground bunker for my annual celebration of the Undead. This month we will have plenty of audiobook reviews, some special guest interviews, Zombie roundtables where experts offer their opinions on various Zombie topics and, of course, a few Giveaways.

Of course, like any good Zombie Apocalypse survivor knows, you can’t really make it on your own. I’m not the only one promoting the necessity of Zombie Awareness. Check out some awesome Zombie Sites along the way.

Wear your Gray Ribbons and check out The Zombie Research Society as they keep you informed of all things Zombie.

While Ashley The Zombie Queen aka The Bookish Brunette had to push back her annual Zombie Craze event to June this year, check out her site for plenty of Zombie Awesomeness.

Zombie Friends is social media for Zombies. I’m skeptical, but hey, it’s there.



Each week I will highlight what happened on the blog, and give links about zombie happenings around the web. If you have reviewed, posted about or sort of kind of refered to zombies on your site, drop me a line, leave me a comments or tweet it at me and I will include it in the weekly roundup.


Until then, STAY VIGILANT!




3 responses

1 05 2013

awesome I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! I posted a review to zombie P.I. book today by Kevin J Anderson. That is totally starring a zombie!

1 05 2013

Awesome. I’m hoping to get my copy of that book in time to review it this month. I’ll make sure I check out the review and I will add it to this week’s roundup.

1 05 2013
Jenn Lawrence (@jennbookshelves)

Based on your picture it looks like you are having a pretty rough morning 🙂 How fun! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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