The Human Division Listen-A-Long: Episode 9: The Observers by John Scalzi

15 03 2013

The Observers by John Scalzi (The Human Division, Episode 9)

Read by William Dufris

Audible Frontiers

Genre: Science Fiction

Grade: A-


Episode #8: The Sound of Rebellion


It’s week nine of John Scalzi’s The Human Division, and this week’s episode The Observers is full of MURDER! LAUGHS! EARTHLINGS! DRUNKEN ADVANCES! FUNNY ALIEN NAMES! AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!

If you can tell by my (ab)use of capital letters and exclamation points, I sort of liked the episode… A LOT!!!! This week we are back with Harry Wilson, Abumwe and the crew of the Clarke undergoing a, well, kinda important I guess but not really negotiation with an alien race for some high tech medical equipment. What makes the negotiation important is that some Earth representatives are there to observe. Hence, the name of the Episode… That Scalzi is a cunning one, I tell you. So, when one of the representatives is found dead in his bed, Harry must figure out what happens before THE WORLD GOES UP IN FLAMES AND EVERYONE DIES HORRIBLE DEATHS or something.

I liked this episode. In fact, I may have been seen giving an imaginary hug to this episode. Of all, I felt it was the most balanced between the humor and serious, as well as adding to the whole mythology of the series. Scalzi also managed to fit in some pop culture references from Marvin the Martian to Kermit the Frog while throwing in an Agatha Christie meets Scooby Do style ending. I was actually waiting for someone to invoke meddling kids, or at least give us a mustache twirl. My only complain, and it’s not a real one, more of a thought, is that Harry and his team seem to have just the right crucial piece of info, or specialized equipment to solve each week’s issue. It’s just all too damn convenient! I can’t help but seeing some big Dues sneering down on them saying, "I’m all up in your Ex Machina, bitches." It was all a lot of fun and was the first episode I thought, "Heck, I’d like to listen to this one again!"

To make things even better William Dufris got to do a funny alien name which involved running your fingers over his lips and blowing like a raspeberry. It was wonderful and invoked a crazy man laugh out of me. In fact, every time Dufris said "Dododo" I felt like he was giving a quick finger point and smirking nod to the listeners. Honestly, though, I totally want to crop out Dufris first iteration of "Dododo" actual name pronunciation and make it my Text Notification tone on my cell phone, if I was at all technically savvy. This week was a lot of fun, but I’m sadly coming to the realization that we only have a month left of these stories, then it’s all back to non-serialized books for me. DAMN YOU TRADITIONAL READING!!!



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