Welcome to the Apocalypse: 10 Hard to Find Novels or Series: Gift Ideas For Obsessed Post Apocalyptic Fans

21 12 2012

So, the Apocalypse has come and gone, and you’re still here. Yet, there’s a problem. One of your family members told you not to get them a present due to the end of the world but, since the Mayan’s was a bit off, now you got to run out and get that obsessive Post Apocalyptic a gift. Since, they are probably already stocked up on current popular fiction, MRE’s and water purification tablets, what can you get your hoarding, end of the world laving potential hermit of a loved one for either a Christmas, or simply a We Survived the Apocalypse gift. Well, here are 10 unsung, under appreciated and potential pout of print classics of the genre.

Now, part of any gift is the act of acquisitions. Some of these novels will be quite hard to locate, so either roll up your sleeves and dive into the stacks at your local used bookstore, or visit a site like Abebooks and grab one of these novels.

Also, I must admit, I totally love these covers.

Through Darkest America\Dawns Uncertain Light by Neal Barrett, Jr.

One of my favorite novel series. Neal Barrett blends Apocalyptic fiction with an almost Western fell and one of the most unique set ups I have ever read.

A Secret History of Time to Come by Robie Macauley

A wonderful apocalyptic tale that takes place generations after racial unrest leads to a civil war. A classic worth seeking out.

Mister Touch by Malcolm Bosse

A unique plague tale that combines an almost hippy communal feel with a perilous journey across post apocalyptic America.

Winter’s Daughter: The Saying of Signe Ragnhilds-datter by Charles Whitmore

The history of one women’s plight during the Apocalypse told in an Fable style by a future generation. Full of unexpected dark humor.

Happy Policeman by Patricia Anthony

A small town is saved from Nuclear war by strange aliens. While investigating a murder, a policeman searches for the secrets the aliens are keeping from the town.

Down to A Sunless Sea by David Graham

Halfway through a flight, the world erupts into a Nuclear Holocaust. Now the plane’s pilots must find a safe place to take his passengers.

Heiro’ Journey\The Unforsaken Hiero by Sterling E, Lanier

The world was devastated by nuclear fire. Now, generations later, a young priest and his moose must travel the land, dealing with monstrous mutated animals along the way.

Wolf and Iron/Time Storms by Gordon R. Dickson

Two very different visions of the apocalypse by one of science fictions greatest visionaries.

The Quiet Place by Richard Maynard

After misjudging the time dilation of near light speed travel, a group of astronauts return to earth to discover that society has regressed into clans of hunter/gatherers.

Airship Nine by Thomas H. Block

Admits a nuclear war, an new Airship must travel south towards Anartica to escape the nuclear fallout.



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21 12 2012

An interesting list – although because I am such a fanatic I have a few of these, and knew of most of them.

One of the best hard to find books (because it was only released in Australia), I have read, is Honey Brown’s post apocalyptic plague novel Red Queen.

John Lockley’s After the Fire III is certainly rather pricey. I suspect it must have had a very limited release.

The most widely published, but still often pricey to get is the post nuclear war classic (originally in French) Maleville.

21 12 2012

I need to hunt down Red Queen, it sounds excellent. I love Malevil, one of my favorite post nuclear novels.

26 02 2013

I also love Maleville, one of my favorite post-apocalyptic novels I’ve read. I originally read it in Spanish, and I’ve been looking for an English version for a long time, but without success.

21 12 2012

That is an awesome list – I only recognize 3 authors, so it gives me plenty to go dig up and enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

21 12 2012

I really like INTO THE FOREST by Jean Hegland, and I don’t see it mentioned all that much.

21 12 2012

I’ve been considering doing an audio reread of Into the Forest. It’s such a good novel, and different from a lot of the louder Post Apocalyptic novels. The main reason I haven’t yet is because it’s only unabridged, but since I read the novel that shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

Have you read A Gift upon the Shore? It’s one of my all time favorites, and I think you would like it. I’ve been talking it up a lot this year, because it finally was released in audio, but it’s such a great novel and has some of the strongest female characters I have read in PA.

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