Audiobook Week 2012: Mid-Week Meme

27 06 2012

Today, Devourer of Books does half the work for us, asking us to answer her Audiobook Week Mid-Week Meme. I am happy to oblige her whims.


Current/most recent audiobook:

I am currently listening to Survivors: The Morningstar Strain, Book 3 by ZA Recht and Thom Brannon, narrated by Oliver Wyman.


This book is special for me because the Morningstar Strain series was the first Zombie series I listened to on audiobook. ZA Recht passed away in 2009, and this book was completed based on his notes and early chapter he had written.  So far, I’m enjoying it, helped by the fact that Oliver Wyman is narrating.

Current/most recent favorite audiobook:

I have talked a lot about Blackout by Mira Grant, probably my favorite audiobook of 2012, but my surprise favorite has to be The Rook by Daniel O’Malley. It’s a first person tale of a woman who is the top bureaucrat at a secret British Magical Agency who loses her memory and discovers someone is trying to kill her. It is a lot of fun and Susan Duerden gives an excellent performance.

Favorite Narrator You’ve Discovered Recently

I love female narrators that are not that typical perky, soprano voice you hear quite often, particularly in young adult novels . Recently I’ve listen to audiobooks narrated by Lorna Raver, Maggi-Meg Reed and Vane Millon, all of whom brought a unique gravitas to their reading.

One title from your TBL (to be listened) stack, or your audio wishlist:

14 by Peter Clines, read by Ray Porter. This is one of those titles I try to avoid reading too much about, because it has such a mysterious feel to it, I am trying to avoid spoilers. In general, it’s a horror/mystery about a man who moves into a Brownstone and discovers each room as some strange mysterious element. Plus, come on people, Ray Porter…. Ray Porter.


Your audio dream team (what book or author would you LOVE to see paired with a certain narrator, can already exist or not):

I spend way too much time in my life casting narrators for books I love. OK, my dream production would probably be Phil Gigante reading Neal Barrett Jr.’s Through Darkest America and Dawn’s Uncertain Light. These are two amazing Post-Nuclear war novels with one of the most disturbing twists I have ever read. They have a western feel to them that I think Gigante would handle well.



10 responses

27 06 2012

I just started The Rook the other day. Very interesting, but its one I need to make sure I have more focus towards it than whatever else I’m doing.

27 06 2012
Cassandra Neace (@CassandraNeace)

Um, so I have some serious catching up to do! I kinda feel that way every time I visit your blog. I’m very interested in Rook. I’ve been staring at it for a while, just wondering if I should add it to my cart or not. The Forest of Hands and Teeth has a great cover, and I’m not familiar with any of the narrators you mention there. And 14 is super intriguing. I’ve got a lot of listening to do.

27 06 2012
DevourerofBooks (@DevourerofBooks)

Yesterday you were doing things because I told you to, today you’re obliging my whims, you’re going to give me a big head.

27 06 2012
Nise' (Under the Boardwalk)

I recently listened to a book that without Susan Duerden’s narration would have been less than stellar. I’ve seen The Rook in print version, but may check out the audio.

27 06 2012

I’ve got my eye on “14” too! It just came to my attention last night and I’m definitely curious… (but also avoiding other people’s reviews and comments.) I’m not a fan of Susan Duerdan’s style; but I really should give her a full-book chance and, The Rook looks like the one!

27 06 2012
Jennifer Conner (@LitHousewife)

The Rook sounds really good! I’m going to add it to my TBL. Sounds like Tanya is thinking along the same lines. I’ve never listened to Susan Duerdan before. It will be a first for me.

27 06 2012
Michelle Erin (@michelleerin)

I often don’t like female narrators because of that perky, soprano voice. Which is probably what I sound like…

27 06 2012
27 06 2012

I’ve heard great things about the Mira Grant series … might have to check out the audiobook for them! Currently, I have FEED in paperback. Can’t wait to read it!

I don’t mind female narrators, but I think my preference is male … I’m still finding my favourites, though!

27 06 2012
Laurie C

Interesting answers that are off the beaten path for Audiobook Week! My TBL list just got longer.

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