Zombie Awareness Month Recap: Week 4

27 05 2012

While Zombies may be slow and shambling, they are relentless. This is what makes them especially dangerous. Zombies may not be able to outrun you, but they don’t tire in their pursuit, and if you continue to in the same course, without deviation or intervention, they will eventually over take and consume you. This is a lesson it’s important to remember when taking on something like Zombie Awareness Month. If you attempt to read, listen to or watch Zombie fiction, try to sprinkle a bit of diversity into your choices. This is how I have managed to keep Zombie Awareness Month Fresh for myself. I have listened to a total of 19 audiobooks this month, and while many of them are traditional zombie fare, I have looked for different angles. I have listened to four Young Adult Zombie novels, a zombie perspective novel, a science fiction novel with Zombies, and a pretty decent gender split between male and female zombie authors. This diversity has allowed me to stay on my toes, ready for whatever type of horde decides to come my way.

This past week was the last full week of Zombie Awareness Month. Don’t worry, we still have four more audiobook reviews coming next week to round out the month. Yet, being the last full week, I presented my 10 All Time Favorite Zombie Novels and Series this week. This is a glimpse of what has really transformed me from casual Post Apocalyptic Enthusiast to a hardcore Zombie Fan. While it’s a top 10 list, it contains a total of 18 total titles, most of which are available as audiobooks. It sort of saddened me to realize some of the titles I love that didn’t make the list. I was tempted to expand the list to include 20 total titles, so I could highlight the works of under appreciated authors like Iain McKinnon, Eloise J. Knapp, Jessica Meigs, Joe McKinney, Ben Tripp and Mark Tufo as well as a few others, but honestly, putting together the top 10 list was enough work for me.

So, as Zombie Awareness Month is coming to an end, Stay Vigilant. Remember, Zombie cannot read calendars, not ever the Apocalyptic Mayan Zombies.

Reviewed This Week

Enclave by Ann Aguirre

The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks from the Apocalypse by Steve C. Schlozman

Dead Meat by Patrick & Chris Williams

Blackout by Mira Grant

Around the Web

The Bookish Brunnette reviews the upcoming Young Adult Zombie novel This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers, a novel that is receiving a lot of buzz.

Audiobook Reviewer reviews Zombie Fallout 3: The End, look for my review of this title next week.



According to Audible.com Survivors, the finale of the late, great ZA Recht’s Morningstar Strain series will be released simultaneously with the paperback release on June 19th. Oliver Wyman, the series narrator, has already announced he complete work on this novel on his Facebook page.

This is what happens when you read two much Zombie fiction. A recent news story has me getting my Apocalyptic go bad ready. Police are forced to shoot and kill and kill a man who was eating the face of another man.




4 responses

27 05 2012
Bookish Brunette

Thanks for all the zombie love this month!! 🙂 off to check out your Top 10 list!!! 🙂

27 05 2012
Bookish Brunette

And OMG!!! That guy in Florida totally had me FREAKING THE HELL OUT earlier!!!! No joke!

14 09 2013

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