Audiobook Review: Suicide Run/Angle of Investigation by Michael Connelly

30 12 2011

Suicide Run/Angle of Investigation by Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch Short Stories)

Read by Len Cariou

Hachette Audio


Suicide Run: 3 Hrs 17 Min

Angle of Investigation: 2 Hrs 46 Min

Genre: Crime Fiction

Quick Thoughts: These short stories are the perfect fix for Harry Bosch fans waiting between full length releases.

Grade: B

I’m not really sure why I like Harry Bosch so much. Typically, he’s not the type of character I really like. He is an aging police detective who is outwardly and inwardly gruff, loves jazz, doesn’t really play well with people, and has a lot of integrity. On paper, he seems almost like a caricature of modern fictions view of a Police Detective. Yet, somehow he is one of my favorite literary characters. Having to wait for my library copy of the newest Harry Bosch thriller by Michael Connelly, I decided to give the recent short story collections a listen.

Hachette Audio released two, three story short story collects, called Suicide Run and Angle of Investigation. As you should expect, being unconnected short stories, these tales don’t have the depth of character and complex plotting typical of Connelly’s work. Yet, in my opinion, Connelly is one of the best procedural writers in the business, and these short stories are proof of that. We get to see young Bosch on his first Dead Body call, follow Bosh as he grills suspects in the interrogation room, and see his thought process as he investigates what at first glance looks like a suicide. My favorite stories of the collections where "Cielo Azul" where Bosch reflects on the crimes of a brutal serial killer who is on Death Row and "Angle of Investigation” where Bosch revives the cold case of a call he took as a boot (a trainee patrol officer). These short stories are the perfect fix for Harry Bosch fans waiting between full length releases.

For many people, Len Cariou is the definitive voice of Bosch. I’ll admit, I am not a huge fan of Len Cariou’s narration. I personally prefer when Dick Hill narrated the Harry Bosch series, or even Adam Grupper and Peter Giles narration in the Mickey Haller series. Cariou does a great job voicing Harry, I just find he narrative delivery to be too deliberate and his voicing of peripheral characters especially female characters, to be shaky. Yet, these short stories fall well into Cariou’s wheelhouse, focusing on Bosch without a lot of female characters. So, despite any general issues with the narration, these audiobooks short stories work well.



2 responses

30 12 2011

Believe it or not, I’m unfamiliar with Connelly’s work (shocking, I know) but these sound interesting. I’m going to have to add them to my TBL.

Thanks for the introduction.

9 01 2012

Where can I find the falow up on the last story from the book Suicide Run apart of having to buy the collection for €11.99 ( The Drop)?

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