Audiobook Review: Joe Ledger: The Missing Files by Jonathan Maberry

2 11 2011

Joe Ledger: The Missing Files by Jonathan Maberry

Read by Ray Porter

Blackstone Audio

Length: 4 Hrs 5 Mins

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Quick Thoughts: The Missing Files is the perfect treat for fans of Joe Ledger, and offers just enough of a glimpse of our favorite characters to tide us over to our next DMS meal.

Grade: A-

I have to say that I’m amazed that it has been just about 7 months ago that I first listen to a novel by Jonathan Maberry. Seven little months since I was introduced to Joe Ledger and his fellow members of the Department of Military Sciences. Since listening to Patient Zero, I have listen to seven other novels by Jonathan Maberry, with two more in my November "To Be Listened To" Queue. So, yes, you can say I have become a fan, bordering a bit on fanboy. When I first heard about Maberry’s Joe Ledger short story collection called, Joe Ledger: The Missing Files, I wanted to jump right into it. I needed a Joe Ledger fix, because the fourth novel in the series, Assassin’s Creed, doesn’t come out until April of 2012. Yet, I had to force myself to exercise some patience. You see, I hate spoilers. No matter how many times an author tells me I can read their series out of order, I refuse. I don’t even like to read summaries of books I plan on listening to. When I found out that one of the stories in The Missing Files took place after the events of Maberry’s Pine Deep Trilogy, I knew I just had to wait until after I completed listening to those books. I was quite proud of my patience, as I had the audiobook sitting on my desk just calling out for me to listen to. I’m Glad I waited.

The Missing Files is a collection of 5 short stories in the Joe Ledger World. Some of the stories act as bookends for the 3 full length novels. Countdown introduces you to Joe Ledger, and covers much of what you learned about him in the first chapter of Patient Zero. Zero Tolerance works well as a coda for Patient Zero, giving us one last glimpse at a character’s terrifying end. Dog Days is an excellent bridge between The Dragon Factory and The King of Plagues, and introduces us to an important new character, Ghost. All these stories are excellent and give you a sense of balance with the series. I always like short stories that bridge the gaps between novels. It’s nice to know that characters are just sitting around waiting for us to start reading about them and their next adventure, but are actually living their lives. The short story Material Witness brings together the world of Joe Ledger, and that of Pine Deep, the most Haunted Town in the World. It was fun to see characters from both of Maberry’s series interact, plus you get a nice little update on what some of our favorite denizens of Pine Deep are up to. My favorite short of the audiobook had to be Deep Dark. It’s a creepy little tale about the excesses of science and it’s the perfect vehicle for a Joe Ledger story. What I really liked about it was it gives you a new perspective on Ledger and his team.  It’s easy to see Echo Team as sort of a wrecking ball when things go bad. I liked that Ledger actually showed empathy and looked for alternative solutions to just shooting everything that moves. The Missing Files is the perfect treat for fans of Joe Ledger, and offers just enough of a glimpse of our favorite characters to tide us over to our next DMS meal.

What else is there to say about Ray Porter’s narration that hasn’t already been said? Again, and this should be no shock to fans of the Joe Ledger audiobooks, he is brilliant at capturing the feel and persona of Joe Ledger. Listening to Dog Days just proves again that Porter understands not just the surface Joe Ledger, but the emotional undercurrent of his character. He truly captures the brokenness of the man, in a way that many narrators just can’t. I love how Porter uses dramatic pauses, sighs and other affectations that just come off so authentic that it seems as if the writer wrote them into the story itself. I know it has been said before, by me and many others, but Ray Porter is Joe Ledger, and makes an already great series of stories even better.


Note: A special thanks to the wonderful people at Blackstone Audio for providing me with a copy of this title to review.



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2 11 2011
Amy @ bookgoonie

Sounds great. Love my one Maberry book, Rot & Ruin.

13 05 2014
Joe Ledger: The Missing Files | Audio Book Reviewer

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21 09 2014
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Audiobook Review: Joe Ledger: The Missing Files by Jonathan Maberry | The Guilded Earlobe

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