BBAW Day #2: My Interview with Meg from A Bookish Affair

12 09 2011

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Meg at A Bookish Affair loves books. You can see it throughout her blog. Her enthusiasm for a good read shines through her reviews. She has quite an eclectic taste reading everything from Literary Fiction and Young Adult, to  Historical Fiction and Biographies. I enjoyed my opportunity to check out her blog while I was preparing for my interview, and I think people will definitely want to add her to their lists of must follows.


Bob: One of the things I love about events like BBAW and AirmchairBEA is that I get a chance to interact with book bloggers that I typically wouldn’t. For example, here I am, an audiobook blogger who reviews tons of Zombie Apocalypse novels along with science fiction, and hardcore thrillers and I get to interview you, whose taste seems to lean towards Literary Fiction with a good dose of Young Adult and biographies. I’ve had a lot of fun perusing your blog in preparation for my questions. So, first off tell me a little about yourself as a reader. What draws you to a book, and conversely, what would keep you away from reading a particular title?

Meg: It’s a little hard to pinpoint where I fall as a reader. I’m willing to try just about any kind of genre at least once. If I’m intrigued by the summary, I’ll probably try the book even if it isn’t a genre that I typically read. I really like books with really interesting characters and I’m big into really vivid settings. It makes it easier to get lost in a book; I love that feeling!

Bob: I like you blog name, and it’s tagline "Sometimes Reading a Good Book can be Like a Great Love Affair!" Is there any specific significance behind the blog name you chose? How did you come up with it?

Meg: I’ve always had a love affair with books and the more they draw me in (much like a great love), the happier I am. The title of my blog kind of gets at that feeling.

Bob. As someone who hasn’t read a lot of Literary Fiction, try to sell me on two books that you read this year that I just have to read.

Meg: Oh, that’s really, really hard. I had to go through some of the 5 star books that I’ve rated this year (there’s only been 8 rated that highly for me this year) and there are two of those 5 star books that really stand out for me.

The first is Room by Emma Donoghue. This book really blew me away. In a nutshell, it’s about a mother and a son who have been trapped in a room by an evil man and the son was born in the room so his entire world is literally contained to the room as he knows nothing of the outside world. What really pulls you into the book is the fact that the book is narrated by the 5 year old son. I finished this book in no time!

Another book that comes to mind is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. In a nutshell, it’s a story that takes place during WWII about a girl who can’t resist stealing books and the book is narrated by Death. The story itself is compelling but Death as narrator is probably the most amazing part of the entire book. It works in such an amazing way. This has been that one book for me this year that I recommend to anyone who comes to me for a book recommendation.

Bob: What author would you like to ghostwrite the story of Meg @ A Bookish Affair’s life? And, since I am an audiobook blogger, who would you like to read the audiobook version?


Meg: Augusten Burroughs, hands down. He is fabulous. I read Running With Scissors in one sitting in the middle of Starbucks. He’d probably be able to make a lot of witty observations and maybe make me seem a little more interesting than I am (haha). As for who would read the book, I think Augusten Burroughs also has a fabulous voice. He’d be great or maybe someone with a more epic voice like Morgan Freeman (hey, a girl can dream!).

Bob: Do you have any memes, interviews, giveaways or other events coming up on your blog that you are excited about? What do you have in store for your readers for the rest of the year?

Meg: One of the things that I’m most excited about is dedicating the month of October to all things indie on A Bookish Affair. I have some great reviews of indie books and interviews with indie authors on tap. I’m also fortunate to live in a city that has some pretty awesome indie bookstores, which I’m way excited about featuring.

I want to thank Meg for taking the time out to do this interview. Make sure you stop by her blog today and console her for having the unfortunate duty to interview me as well.

A Bookish Affair



7 responses

13 09 2011

Great interview. Nice to meet someone new. Come meet Sara of Glorified Love Letters.

13 09 2011

Love The Book Thief, have Room on my shelf! Great interview. I love meeting new bloggers, and I love the ghostwriting question — great idea!

13 09 2011

Two great books to highlight! I love how you guys set up the interview like a real conversation!

13 09 2011
Meg @ A Bookish Affair

Thank you so much for interviewing me!!!

13 09 2011

The Book Thif is a great book

13 09 2011
Lena Sledge's Blog

Great interview. I loved the Room by Emma Donoghue as well. Awesome book, I’ve yet to write a review though. But I would rate it highly as well.

Nice meeting a new blogger. Happy BBAW!

14 09 2011
Samuel Montgomery-Blinn

The Book Thief does sound really interesting, thanks for asking that question about literary books to read! If only books could be marketed in multiple categories at once — as “Death as the narrator” means the book is shoulder to shoulder with magical realism, which us fantasists would be quite interested in.

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