BBAW Day #1: Community

12 09 2011


I have to admit, I was never really into the Book Blogging community, at least not until this year. On my old blog. I would write my reviews, post them, then go on my merry way. This year, with The Guilded Earlobe, has been different. I started this blog with the express purpose of trying to encourage the listening of audiobooks, and maybe overcoming some of their stigma of “not really reading.” So, I got involved more, in events like Armchair BEA and Audiobook Week. I also searched out audiobook blogs, mostly using Audiobook Jukebox as a source. I wanted to take a few moments to point out some audiobook bloggers who I feel do a good job spreading their love of Audiobooks.


Brother and Sister team, John and Maggie, offer audiobook reviews that should appeal to all kind of listeners. They each bring their own excitement to the various genre’s they review. There reviews are professionally written, but full of their personalities.

DWD’s Reviews:

This site offers a good mix of print and audiobook reviews. I like that he offers a lot of backlist reviews that you often miss in this “new release” culture. You just know he’s reading what he wants, not just what he feels obligated to. His reviews have a refreshing straight forward approach.

Audiobook Jukebox

There are a lot of great Audiobook Bloggers covering all sorts of genre’s. You can find many of them posting their links at the Audiobook Jukebox. You can sort reviews by Genre, or publisher and find blogs suited to you taste. Also, they recently started their Solid Gold Reviewer Program where publishers offer review copies ot their audio productions to bloggers. So, if you never tried an audiobook, and want a chance to listen and review risk free, that’s an excellent option.

A lot of Book Bloggers have really embraced me offering advice through twitter and commenting on my blog. I appreciate the community and it’s desire to help others promote their love of books. I should add that there are a lot of great authors, narrators and production companies that have really help support audiobook bloggers. They have my big thanks.





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12 09 2011
Mel u

Hi, I am stopping by to visit your blog via the list of posts for Day one

Please Stop by My Blog if you Like

I hope you have a very good book blog week

12 09 2011

I began listening to books a year ago and while I always have one cued up and ready to go as I drive to work, I rarely write about them, just enjoy the heck out of them on a daily basis. I will definitely be back to check out your reviews and also be visiting the three bloggers you have highlighted. Thanks!

12 09 2011

Audiobooks is a world unfamiliar to me, so thanks for introducing to places I can go if I want to learn more

12 09 2011

I’m very glad that you’re part of this community. I love audio books, as you know, and I think your blog spreads the word about them. So WE thank YOU 🙂

Mickey @ imabookshark

12 09 2011
John @

Thanks for the shout out! We are big fans of your blog. I have to admit that I am always shocked by the volume of reviews you put up. At least I always know there will be lots of great/fresh content when I visit 🙂

Keep up the good work!

12 09 2011

I am familiar with Audiobook Jukebox. Will check out the other two links.

12 09 2011

I am definitely your audience, meaning I need convincing to start listening to audiobooks. I’ve only ever “read” one, Pride & Prejudice, and I did so while working out. I enjoyed it, but I read so much faster than I listen. 🙂 Perhaps you can convince me I’m wrong. I’ll be reading!

My list of influential bloggers, if you are interested!

12 09 2011

I think that more and more people are recognizing audiobooks as another way to enjoy a story. I usually listen to about one a month. It lets me read when I otherwise couldn’t, like when I’m walking the dog or doing the laundry.

12 09 2011

I love these resources! I’m new to your blog, but I always have an audiobook going, so your recommendations are perfect. I love Audiobook Jukebox — what an amazing resource. Happy BBAW!

12 09 2011

This is such an interesting niche blog! I’ll definitely be coming back to check out more posts. I love that you focus on audiobooks, because it really is such a different experience from reading a book yourself. I think I have completely different reactions to books I listen to than the ones I read.

12 09 2011

Thank you so much for the kind comments! I can’t wait to read what think about the David Morrell book you are listening to – I am a big fan of Morrell.

14 09 2011
Audiobook Bloggers - The Guilded Earlobe | Everything AudioBooks |

[…] Audiobook Bloggers – The Guilded Earlobe Brother and Sister team, John and Maggie, offer audiobook reviews that should appeal to all kind of listeners. They each bring their own excitement to the various genre's they review. There reviews are professionally written, … Source: […]

4 10 2011
Audio Books

Thank you for sharing the books of the month with us. I like reading new books and also learning about new audiobooks as well. I usually try to listen to a book on my way to work and it always makes for a better commute.

21 04 2015
Mark Berry

I’m an audiobook author and browsing audiobook blogs. I love that you list other audiobook reviewers. you are a true enthusiast. Audiobooks are the growth portion of the publishing industry.
Cheers, Mark L. Berry

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