Awards, Challenges and other Bloggy Type Things

2 09 2011

Taking a break from posting reviews, I wanted to touch on some events and other blog type things that I think are interesting.

Book Blogger Appreciation Week is coming up, and I am planning some special reviews, interviews and features for the week. Also, I have made the long list for Best Audiobook Blog. There is a lot of stiff competition, so the chances of making the final 5 is slim, especially for a relatively new, obscure blog. There are 9 nominees on the long list and all of them are worthy of this award. You can check them all out in preparation for voting which begins soon.

The Long List:

The Guilded Earlobe (Me!)

Audiobook Jukebox
Bewitched Bookworms
Book Journey
Devourer of Books
Free Listens
Hot Listens
You’ve GOTTA Read This


The Independent Literary Awards are open for nominations. Any reader/blogger can nominate their favorite books from 2011. I plan on making my nominations, including The Cut by George Pelecanos, and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.


I’m really bad at these challenge things, but I decided that I should start posting my links for the audiobook challenges as support for audiobook listening and reviewing. The 2011 Audiobook challenge hosted by Teresa’s Reading Corner is a good one, and a great place to find audiobook reviews as well.


The Queen of the wonderful Audiobook Week event (also nominated for BBAW) Devourer of Books, is hosting a weekly meme on Friday where you can post your audiobook reviews. So, go there. Post your links and check out the excellent reviews there.


Finally, fellow BBAW nominee Bewitched  Bookworms are running this Audiobook challenge that looks interesting. I will be staring to post my reviews there next week, as part of the challenge. I hope to find some excellent reviews as well as new bloggers here. And maybe some of the participants will discover the awesomeness of Zombie Audiobooks, or any of the others I post. As part of this challenge I will begin to include the length of the audiobook with my reviews, since the challenge takes length into consideration. Ummm…. not that size matters. 



4 responses

3 09 2011

I didn’t know about any of these. Thanks! You definitely have my vote for audiobook blog, and I’m looking forward to your interviews during the book blogger week. Not so sure about Ready Player One 🙂 but all books need champions.

3 09 2011

thanks for posting this, I knew about BBAW (I participate in the interview swap thing), but I didn’t know about the others! I want to vote in that indy lit awards program. 🙂

3 09 2011

Congrats on your nomination for best audiobook blog! Well deserved. I’m eager to listen to the Ready Player One audiobook soon. And thanks for letting me know about these challenges and other happenings.

3 09 2011

Thank you for the shout out as well as your participation in the challenge. I’m still looking for suggestions to make it bigger and better next year. Please share any thoughts you may have.

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