Audiobooks I Plan on Listening to in August

2 08 2011

The following is simply audiobooks I’m planning on listening to and reviewing in August. Most are releases in July or August. Hoping I can snag a couple Pre-release review copies of September titles.

Blackstone Audio

Germilne by TC McCarthy

Read by Donald Corren

This is actually my next planned listen. I was gonna wait until it become available on Overdrive, but I gave in and just downloaded it on Audible. Patience is not my virtue.

Ghost Road Blues by Jonathan Maberry

Read by Tom Weiner

Joe Ledger Missing Files by Jonathan Maberry

Read by Ray Porter


From Audible Frontiers

The Undead Situation by Eloise J. Knapp

Read by Kevin T. Collins


Hissers by Ryan C. Thomas

Read by MacLeod Andrews


Ex-Patriots by Peter Clines

Read by Jay Snyder


Random House Audio

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Read by Wil Wheaton


The Devil all the Time by Donald Ray Pollock

Read by Mark Bramhall

I’m currently on the waiting list for this title, so I may or may not get to it in August.


Hachette Audio

Flashback by Dan Simmons

Read by Richard Davidson, Bruan Kennedy, and Joe barrett

I am on the Overdrive waiting list waiting for this one.


The Cut by George Peleconos

Read by Dion Graham


Harper Audio

A Drink Before the War by Dennis Lehane

Read by Jonathon Davis

Harper is releasing all the Kenzie/Gennaro books on Audio, and I plan on taking advantage of. Being that this is released towards the end of the month, can’t promise a August review, but I will try my damdest.


Macmillan Audio

The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta

Read by Dennis Boutsikaris

This is also a let August release, but I am trying to get a pre-release review copy. This is one I am really looking forward to.


Since I listen roughly to about 15 audiobooks a month, I expect a few surprises to crop into the August mix.



5 responses

2 08 2011

Very curious to see what you make both of Germline (I’m getting close to the halfway point) and Flashback (which I haven’t read but have heard… bizarre? things about). And I’ll make a public plea for you to try to sneak in the (short) Glimpses by Lewis Shiner, read by Stefan Rudnicki…

Another one which just was announced was that Jason Marsters (previously the voice of Harry Dresden) will be reading Clay and Susan Griffiths’s “Vampire Empire” series for Buzzy Multimedia, starting with The Greyfriar quite soon…

2 08 2011

Any chance I can interest you in coming on the SFFaudio Podcast?

3 08 2011

I really, really, really want to hear Flashback!! I’ll be looking forward to your review.

4 08 2011

All of these great books to listen to. Any suggestions on where to start.

5 08 2011

If you have yet to listen to a Jonathan Maberry audio, I highly recommend his Joe Ledger series. The ones listed in this post I have yet to listen to, but if his track record stays true Ghost Road Blues should be good.

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