Audiobook Week: Day One :Your Audiobook Year

6 06 2011

I will always remember my first audiobook. It was about 10 years ago and I was on a summer trip with some friends with college. We went to Biloxi, Mississippi to do some gambling and then headed over to New Orleans. I had a very long ride on Amtrak back to Philly, and although I was loaded down with books, I decided to try out an audiobook. So, at a Barnes and Noble I picked up Dreamcatcher by Stephen King, read by Jeffrey DeMunn in cassette form.

So I got situated on the train, reveling in my window seat, and plopped the first tape into my Sony Walkman… and fell right to sleep. The rest of the trip home was like that, I would attempt to listen to the book, and would fall asleep. I would read, listen to music, chat with my fellow travelers all in a perfect state of awakeness. So, after that experiment, I thought, well, maybe audiobooks are not for me.

Of course, later would I realize the true culprit. You see, I attempted to read the book… napsville. I went to see the movie… yawnstown. It was then I realized the fault lay with the source material, and not the delivery system.

I began actively listening to audiobooks a little over five years ago. Until that time I worked in a position that gave me a lot of down time, allowing me to read a lot. When I changes positions, I still wanted the tales that helped me through the drudgery, but if I attempted to read while doing that job I would probably have driven into trees and walked into walls. So I discovered Audiobooks.

Those first days I remember listening to the full cast recording of Stephen King’s The Mist and the star studded reading of Max Brook’s World War Z. Both of these were based on books I have read before. Yet it wasn’t really until, later that week, listening to Michael Connelly’s The Lincoln Lawyer that I really started to fall in love with audiobooks.

And now to 2011…

I think the past 12 months has seen some exciting things happening in audiobooks. More and more authors are seeing there work come to audio form. In 2010, I listened to over 150 audiobooks, including series like The Dresden Files, and Stephen White’s Alan Gregory series. So far in 2011, I have listen to 75+ audiobooks, finding new (to me) writers like Larry Coreia and Jonathan Maberry. And we are only halfway done.

For some of my favorite audiobooks, check out the following posts.

Top 20 Audiobooks of 2010

Top 10 Audiobooks of 2011 (so Far)

I have a lot of fun things planned for Audiobook week. Today I have:

My Into post, which you are currently reading.

A review of the upcoming supernatural suspense thriller from Michael Koryta.

An interview with one of my favorite authors, Tim Dorsey, and one of my favorite narrators, Oliver Wyman, who coincidentally narrates Tim Dorsey’s books.

And tomorrow, another post on audiobooks, another review, and another interview. Let’s get this started.




10 responses

6 06 2011

Yay audio book week! I cannot wait to get started on the Dresden Files series :o)

6 06 2011

Hi, Bob! I loved your post! You had mentioned Oliver Wyman, and I love his narrations as well! Since you are a Tim Dorsey fan, I’m sure you must also have read Christopher Moore? Moore fans have been compared to Dorsey fans, although I have not yet read Dorsey. Nice to “meet” you, and I look forward to reading more of your reviews!

6 06 2011
Literate Housewife

I am so glad that I’ve met your acquaintance this year. I love how your blog focuses entirely on audiobooks and that your tastes and choices are so different than mine. You help me keep up with what’s going on all over the audiobook world.

I understand completely about how boring or not-for-me books are the same no matter what the format.

6 06 2011

I’m glad I am not the only one that listened to audio books on cassette tapes! We took trips with a portable player and had to make sure we had enough batteries, getting a car with one was exciting!

6 06 2011
Jen - Devourer of Books

150 audios last year? That’s AWESOME! I’m really glad I ‘met’ you recently, you’re going to keep my TBL virtual stack very robust.

By the way, feel free to link your interviews to the Discussion Topics Mr. Linky as well (or the review one, if you feel that fits better). It is all Audiobook Love.

6 06 2011

Great story. It took me a long time to warm up to audio books for the same reason. I’m so glad that I gave them another chance.

6 06 2011

150 audiobooks?! Wow.

I think audiobooks take a little learning to get used to. I had a similar experience with my first audiobook. All I wanted to do was sleep.

6 06 2011
Molly (Restless Reader)

I’m fairly new to audiobooks,and this post is really helpful. Thanks for the “top” lists!

6 06 2011
Just Mom

Fun post – was thinking how different our tastes were in books and then saw another commenter said the same thing – always good to hear about somethign out of your comfort zone and Stephen King woudl be out there for me!

6 06 2011

I’m a newbie myself, and it makes me feel a lot better to know that lots of other people had a rough start, too. Thanks for the lists!

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