Audiobook Review: The Ridge by Michael Koryta

6 06 2011

The Ridge by Michael Koryta

Read by Robert Petkoff

Hachette Audio

Genre: Supernatural Suspense

Quick Thoughts: This haunting tale of supernatural unease again proves Michael Koryta is a master of the genre. Robert Petkoff is again the perfect voice to tell this tale.

Grade: A

There is a danger with liking an author’s work too much. The danger of high expectations. The danger that an author will never be able to reach or exceed their previous works. When a book stick in you head, lingers there, often times distracting your thoughts from other books, it’s an experience that is hard to replicate. I remember the feeling I had with Michael Koryta’s So Cold the River. Upon finishing it, this haunting feeling settled over me, that I wasn’t able to shake for a while. This is what a good suspense novel should do, leave you with that taste, like a fine wine, that gives flavor to everything else you eat for a while to come. Few books have done that to me, yet when it does happen, you get this anticipation growing inside you for that next experience, that next taste. Perhaps it’s asking too much of an author. When I listened to his follow up, The Cypress House, Koryta reminded me again of that first taste of his suspense novel. The eerie afterglow of that, while maybe not as long lasting as So Cold the River, still persisted, the haunting images of the skulls with the burning eyes still hanging over my head.

So, I both anticipated and feared the next supernatural suspense tale by Michael Koryta called The Ridge. Again Kortya started us off with an eerie image, yet this one less a matter of supernatural unease, but the disconcerting image of something that doesn’t quite belong. The image of a Lighthouse deep in the Kentucky hills, far away from any significant body of water, standing watch over a Trestle in Blade Ridge. An area where far too many people had accidents, a quite a few have dies. With this image Koryta delivers another haunting ghost story, steep with hidden secrets and flawed characters. Central to this story is the opening of a large cat reserve, inside the borders of Blade Ridge, under the light of the mysterious Lighthouse. Koryta creates a compelling group of characters, who are brought together upon the death of the Lighthouse’s eccentric owner, who left behind clues to the strange happenings of Blade Ridge. Koryta’s haunting tale is full of shocking twists, that even the most jaded mystery reader will be surprised by, and devastating tragedy. Yet, most satisfying is that once again, that haunting taste is still lingering inside me, hours after I finished listening.

Again, Robert Petkoff brought his smooth subtle narrative style to one of Koryta’s supernatural suspense works. Petkoff seems to only get better with each reading, finding the right voice to deliver this tale. While I was greatly pleased with his work, the added sound effects that work well, in my opinion, in So Cold the River didn’t do much to enhance the audiobook version this time around. The strange reverb effect used during certain supernatural scenes bordered a bit on the annoying. At times, they added a creepy element to the reading, but not so much more than the natural talents of the narrator would have. Yet, this complaint is a minor issue to the overall feel of the audiobook. The combination of Kortya and Petkoff continues to impress, and I await the next Kortya offering with probably too high of expectations.


Note: I would like to thank the wonderful people at Hachette Audio for providing me with a Pre Release Review Copy of The Rdge. The Ridge is due to be released on June 8th, 2011. For information on where to buy this book, click on this link.



7 responses

6 06 2011

I enjoyed your review, Bob! I haven’t read any of Koryta’s books, but I will definitely check them out!! Thanks for the recommendations!

6 06 2011
Jen - Devourer of Books

I adored Petkoff’s narration of SO COLD THE RIVER and THE CYPRESS HOUSE, I’m not sure how I missed that this was coming out, I just heard about it in the last week or two. I will definitely be listening!

6 06 2011

Petkoff is turning into a Michael Koryta regular, and that’s a good thing. Thanks.

9 06 2011
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11 06 2011
Carrie K.

I’ve never read anything by Koryta – where should I start? Is this book a stand-alone, or part of a series?

12 06 2011

The Ridge is a standalone, and so is an excellent place to start. He has two other standalones, The Cypress House, and So Cold the River, both also excellent and narrated by Robert Petkoff. His Lincoln Perry detective series is also good fun, and narrated by Scott Brick.

2 10 2011
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