BEA Day #3: My Interview with Mickey From I’m a Book Shark

25 05 2011

I have the real privilege to introduce you to Mickey Reed, book blogger and audiobook enthusiast extraordinaire. Her Book Blog, I’m a Book Shark, is full of straight forward reviews, fun challenges, and a lot of personality. In my brief interactions with her, I have found her witty and charming. I hope that my interview will allow you to see those qualities as well.

Bob: I want to thank you for agreeing to be my Interview Buddy for Armchair BEA. I think we have a lot of things in common. We both like audiobooks, we both have relatively new blogs, you’re from Arizona, I’m from Philadelphia (both end in an ‘A’)

Mickey: No problem! I was really excited when I saw that someone else needed an interview partner. It worked out to be even better than expected since we both love audio books!

Bob: First off, a quick question… you’re really from a town called Surprise?

Mickey: Yeah yeah.. I get that ALL the time. I also live on Elm Street if you can believe it. My whole address is a giant joke. Here’s a map of Surprise, Arizona. It’s part of the Phoenix Valley.  I’ve lived here for about three years. I’m originally from the Chicago area. I will never move back!

Bob: But seriously… Let’s get this interview thing started. The name of your blog is quite interesting. I’m a Book Shark. What exactly is a Book Shark? Is it dangerous? Do I need to wear repellent the next time I go to the library?

Mickey:I only recommend SPF 30 when braving the elements to go to the library. No worries about the sharks! Honestly, I wish it had more meaning, but I needed a new Twitter handle a while back, and I wanted it to be about reading or books. Why a shark? I guess because I read so much. It kind of stuck once I started using that, and now it’s imabookshark when I blog. Is a vanity license plate going too far?


Just When You thought it was safe to go to the Library.

Bob: I loved scanning your blog. There is so much content there to peruse. You do a lot of Challenges and Daily themes, how do you feel these tools contribute to your blog?

Mickey: When I first started blogging, I had no idea what to expect, what to write about, or what I really wanted from it. Thank goodness this community was established so I could do these memes and challenges to get my name out there. My own daily features have already evolved into other things in the past two months, and they allow me to connect with other bloggers and find new blogs to read, new books to read, etc. The challenges and daily features contribute by letting me sort my books into categories that target specific readers and hopefully provide recommendations.

Bob: Have you ever considered hosting your own challenge and what would it be?

Mickey: I haven’t yet since I am so new. Getting my blog out there is first and foremost before people will want to participate in any challenge I host. An audio book challenge would be nice, but there are out there already. Hmm.. I think if I held a zombie book challenge you might participate, but my sister would kick me out of the family.

Bob: Since we are both audiobook lovers, I thought we could talk a little bit about that. So, what is your favorite way to listen to an audiobook? In the car, on your Ipod, on an old school boom box blasting it as you walk down a crowded street?

Mickey:Definitely not that last one, sorry! I listen a couple different ways. I usually always have one book at work in CD form (since I can’t have my iPod there). Then I have another book going in the car on my iPod or CD from the library. Sometimes on the weekends I’ll listen to shorter books on my computer as well.

Bob: If someone wrote a book about you, who would you want to narrate it, and why?

Mickey: Wow, this is a good one! I’m thinking I should pick a female since I’m female, so I’ll go with Tavia Gilbert. If you’re unfamiliar with her work, check out the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost or, for the YA fans, Amy Huntley’s The Everafter (on audio of course). Or possibly Elisabeth Rodgers (Richelle Mead’s Georgina series). Their voices are those of some of my favorite characters, and that would be an honor. If I could pick a male, I would pick Robert Downey, Jr. perhaps. Mmhmm. Only because Phil Gigante would be too obvious of a choice.


The Voice of Mickey?


Bob: If the apocalypse had actually happened on Saturday, what books old, new or coming soon, would you have been disappointed not to have gotten a chance to read?

Mickey: Old: Anything I haven’t yet read by Jane Austen, the Harry Potter series, The Dresden Files series, Anna Karenina, and anything by George Orwell

New (anything within the last couple of years): The Help, Divergent, Die For Me, and anything by David Sedaris.

Coming Soon: Succubus Revealed, Smokin’ Seventeen, He’s So Not Worth It, The Pledge, Cruel Love/Vengeance, and the end of any other series I’ve started!

Bob: So, I’m considering following your blog, what cool thing do you have upcoming that would make that a wise choice?

Mickey: Well, now that I’ve hit over 100 followers, probably I should have a giveaway, huh? Maybe even an audio book giveaway. That would be different! Hmm.. I like that idea!

Bob: Now, a few quick non-book questions. You seem to have a lot of cool exotic pets. Tell me about them.

Mickey: Do you have 10 years?! Haha, this is my favorite topic outside of books! Okay, here’s the list: an argus monitor (with no real name), a reticulated albino purple-phase python (Weezy – he had a respiratory infection when we got him), 2 ball pythons (Big Bertha and baby Agatha), a bearded dragon (Zeus, a female – you can’t tell when they’re young and I was set on the name), a Sulcata African Spurred tortoise (Link, or Linkydink when he’s cute, which is all the time), a tarantula (no name), and a scorpion (I call it Scorpo-face – this is a weird house). We also have a saltwater fish tank with lots of stuff including a clown fish called Grandpa. That’s my boyfriend’s. Oh, I guess I can’t forget my cat either. Sylvester is a pain in the butt with an adorable Marilyn Monroe dot on his face! Anyway, no one ever wants to come over to my house.. haha. Check out my ‘about me’ page to see pictures!

Bob: Do you really dislike Cotton Balls?

Mickey: Yes, I really dislike cotton balls. And Q-tips. I know how weird that sounds. But just the thought of holding one and peeling it apart makes my skin crawl.. ewwww. It’s definitely the feel of it. Also, other people’s socks cannot touch me. My boyfriend thinks this is funny and rubs his sock-covered foot on my leg or foot and it grosses me out. I don’t even like wearing socks all that much. Yuck.

The Essence of Evil?

Bob: Finally, I have to say your name would make an awesome name for a book character, perhaps a hardcore police detective who may be a werewolf, fairy, reincarnation of Cleopatra, or perhaps all of the above, who solves strange crimes other detective won’t. Tell me something about yourself that followers of your blog may find as a surprise.

Mickey: I would love for a character like that to be named after my blog! That sounds way fun! But hmm.. something surprising about me.. I mentioned before that I’m a black belt in Tae Kwon do. Oh! My name isn’t Mickey, but that shouldn’t be too big of a shock. An old pen pal (back when there was such a thing) gave me the nickname and I liked it. Actually, my real name is Michelle Reed, which is like Richelle Mead (YA paranormal fans will know who she is) and that’s how I was introduced to her books. And yeah.. I got the whole "Michelle, REED a book!" thing all through school, and even now at work people put that together. We joke that my youngest sister’s middle name is Can’t..

Thanks so much for interviewing me! Your questions were great! They really got me thinking. I’m glad we were able to partner up. Hope all your readers enjoy! Happy BEA! :o)

Mickey @ imabookshark

Make sure you Like Mickey’s I’m A Book Shark page on Facebook



7 responses

25 05 2011

Yay!!! You are the bomb. I had so much fun doing this. All the pictures put a nice touch to it, except the cotton balls, of course. They ARE the essence of evil! Haha thank you!! Yours is up on my page :o)

25 05 2011

Wow, what a fun interview! Mickey, from your town of Surprise, AZ, to how you named your blog had me intrigued! And the little humorous asides about cotton balls and Q-tips cracked me up.

I recently discovered your blog on a Sunday Salon post and liked your take on things. So I’ve been visiting regularly when you post on memes, or events like this Armchair thing we’ve got going here.

And Bob, I like the name and look of your blog, too. The Guilded Earlobe and Q-tip hatred…Hmm.


25 05 2011
melissa @ 1lbr

What an awesome interview! Had me giggling the whole time. And I was especially excited because I just moved to Surprise, AZ myself! Good to know there are others here 🙂

25 05 2011

I hear it where all the hip people are moving to. Good luck!

25 05 2011

That was very entertaining! I think I’d like to live in a town named Surprise. Great job!

25 05 2011

Great interview! It reads like you two had a lot of fun.

25 05 2011

We did. I was blessed to interview someone with a good sense of humor. I really lucked out on my interview buddy. Being an older male audiobook blogger, I’m in quite a minority here, but it’s been quite a blast!


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