Audiobook Mini-Review: The God Engine by John Scalzi

23 04 2011

The God Engine by John Scalzi

Read by Christoper Lane

Brilliance Audio

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Science Fiction

Quick Thoughts: Thoroughly demented.

Grade: B

I think John Scalzi must have issues. Really, to go from a humorous sci-fi comedy about squishy aliens, to a military sci-fi series about enhanced soldiers, to The God Engine, well, I am not even sure how he made that trip. To me, the God Engines reads like my nightmares after spending a day reading Lovecraft, eating skittles, watching a Star Trek marathon, and drinking that skunk Lager that had rolled behind my beer fridge. I mean, it’s freaky. Well imagined, brilliantly told, scary as hell, and oh, so freaky. This works well as a three hour audio-novella, read evilly by Christopher Lane. A longer, fully fleshed out version of this novella would probably lead me to ingest a cocktail of xanax and robitussin, just to keep me from wanting to burn down churches to prevent such a future. Scalzi does a great job creating a universal where Faith is a weapon and the gods are not our friends. I cannot say this was the most entertaining audio experience of my life, and Scalzi fans won’t find any of his patented light hearted moments, but it’s definitely thought provoking. If his goal was to freak me out, well, good job Scalzi, consider me freaked.



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