Audiobook Review: Monster Hunter Vendetta by Larry Correia

14 04 2011

Monster Hunter Vendetta by Larry Correia (MHI, Book 2)

Read by Oliver Wyman

Audible Frontiers

Genre: Horror Fantasy

Quick Thoughts: A smoother, faster Monster Hunter book, with tons of action and another great performance by the narrator.

Grade: A-

Monster Hunter Vendetta is the sequel to Monster Hunter International, an audiobook I reviewed back in March. If you check out that review, you will learn that I pretty much dug that audiobook. As I said before, one of the great things about this series is that there is no deceptive labeling. The title isn’t some fancy quote from a Rudyard Kipling poem or some German Opera. The Monster Hunter series is about Monster Hunters. From werewolves to vampires to trolls to Lovecraftian Squid Monsters, if they are causing problems, the Monster Hunters will kill them. So, if you are looking for a poignant tale of a young boy growing up in the south during the civil rights movement, or a look at the generations of an immigrant family as they deal with life in America, maybe you’re looking at the wrong section. In this one instance, you can definitely judge a book by its cover. If you’re looking for a book about Monster Killers, with a bad ass, but often out of his depths, hero who likes to shout things like, “I totally murdered his ass” well, I highly recommend Monster Hunter Vendetta, and its prequel.

If I could make any complaint about the first novel, it would be that, at times, it got a little clunky. This often happens with first novels, as the author tries to build the world, and introduces us to the characters. There is such a huge cast of characters here that a little chunkiness is understood. Monster Hunter Vendetta doesn’t have this issue. In Vendetta, the plot flows smoothly, although at lightning speed pace. In the first novel, where there were breaks from action for such things as training and more intense character development, in Vendetta, it’s practically action from page one. In fact, in the first hour of the novel, Pitt has to deal with chupacabras, zombies, a necromancer, and corrupt Mexican officials. Vendetta also has one of the most entertaining, thrilling action series taking place at a Death Metal concert. One of the things I really do like about the series is that the hero isn’t the good looking, suave, perfect sort. In fact, ugly “chunky” guys, hippyish nerds, and fantasy geeks are just as much heroes here as bad ass military types. Yet, don’t worry guys, the chicks are hot, and oh, so hardcore. In Monster Hunter Vendetta, Correia outdoes himself, adding more action, unlocking more mysteries, and building more into the mythology of Pitt, and the Monster Hunter International team.

What can I say about Oliver Wyman’s narration that I haven’t already said? If you have a novel with a wide range of characters and creatures Wyman’s your man. I first noticed Wyman’s skills reading Tim Dorsey’s Serge novels, and, in my opinion, he is one of the few narrators that enhances the story through his performance. With the vast number of characters in this type of novel, you would think the narrator would run out of options when voicing characters. Yet, he finds a way to make each character, male, female or other, unique. I truly hope that Audible continues to produce Correia’s work, with Oliver Wyman bringing them to life.



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28 08 2011
Toosadto Thinkofaname

I’ll just keep holding out for the day chunky, hippyish girls can be heroines. Never going to happen, is it? I wish I was never born a woman in this world.

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