Audiobooks: News and Notes

9 02 2011

Zombie Uprising

According to Permuted Press, Audible has contracted to produce 10 of their novels in audiobook form. Don’t expect to see them hit the digital shelves until Fall 2011, but here is the list:

  • The Infection by Craig DiLouie
  • The Killing Floor by Craig DiLouie
  • Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines
  • Ex-Patriots by Peter Clines
  • Twilight of the Dead by Travis Adkins
  • After Twilight: Walking with the Dead by Travis Adkins
  • Acheron by Bryon Morrigan
  • The Undead Situation by Eloise J. Knapp
  • Hissers by Ryan Thomas
  • Domain of the Dead by Iain McKinnon
  • Valley of the Dead by Kim Paffenroth

Seems the Zombie revolution lives.

Against All Things Ending Update

From Stephen R. Donaldson’s site, Scott Brick’s independent production company will not be producing the audiobook version of Against All Things Ending, the third book in the Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant The Unbeliever series. Recorded Books will be producing it instead. That leaves who will be the narrator  up in the air. I have tried to find more info, but have failed. Personally, since I read the print versions of the previous novels, I am not as invested in this as many long time fans of the audiobooks are. According to the Recorded Books website the audiobook “should” be released Feb. 16th, but who really knows.

The Guilded Misogynist

A few years ago a friend told my I was a literary misogynist. Sadly, it’s sort of true. I books I read in 2010, and it was almost exclusively male authors. Heck, I was slow to read anything by Kim Stanley Robinson (joke, ha, ha.) So, I decided to try to listen to more female authors in 2011. In January I listened to 2 books by female authors, Feed by Mira Grant and Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor. So, today, I see some good buzz, including this review from AudiobookFan, about a new novel by Darynda Jones called First Grave on the Right. Seems like a cross between Dead Like Me, and The Dresden Files. So, I am considering reading it, despite what seems like a very feminine cover. My major problem is that I can’t find the audiobook version at my library, or on Overdrive, which means I will need to spend an audible credit, on that I had planned to spend on David Ellis’s Breach of Trust. Decisions, decisions. I would be interested to hear any impressions on the book by us of the weaker gender (males, if you haven’t figured it out. )



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