Audiobook Review: Ghost Country by Patrick Lee

6 02 2011

Ghost Country by Patrick Lee

Read by Jeff Gurner

Harper Audio

Genre: Science Fiction Thriller

Quick Thought: A fast paced, action packed science fiction thriller, with a touch of Apocalyptic tone and excellent narration makes for another winner for Patrick Lee.

Grade: B+


Last year, when Patrick Lee’s The Breach came out, I was expecting an action adventure, “lone man takes on bad guys” Jack Reacher type novel.   I guess I had misread the Publisher summary or something, because what I got was something more. The Breach had its kick ass hero, in ex-cop, ex-con Travis Chase, but instead of just a fast paced action story, we also got a complex science fiction tale. The Breach was a surprise of a novel, and Travis Chase and excellent new character. It was sort of like someone in entertainment heaven decided to mix together two things that Bob really likes, to make a Reese’s Peanut butter Cup of the literary world.

In Ghost Country, the sequel to The Breach, someone found a few more ingredients to add to the pot. Ghost Country reads like a science fiction version of 24, and Travis Chase Jack Bauer’s his way through two realities, taking out scores of badies, and getting out of seemingly impossible predicaments. To add to the fun, Ghost Country has a highly inventive apocalyptic scenario, which is well thought out and developed at just the right pace to fit into the action. The bad guys are the best kind, those who think they are doing the right thing for the world, and not just a bunch of psychos and self obsessed freaks. Mix this all together and Patrick Lee has concocted one hell of a great stew.

Jeff Gurner, who handled the narration for The Breach, and the excellent Freedom™, once again is outstanding in Ghost Country. He reads at a break neck pace, which is totally appropriate to the novel. If anything, the action comes so fast, and so hard, it’s hard to multitask while listening. All in all, this is another winner for Patrick Lee and Harper Audio.



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