Audiobook Review: Electric Barracuda by Tim Dorsey

2 02 2011

Electric Barracuda (Serge A. Storms, Book 13) by Tim Dorsey

Read by Oliver Wyman

Harper Audio

Quick Thoughts: A manic, madcap romp through Florida, as only Tim Dorsey can do.

Grade: A

Electric Barracuda is the 13th novel featuring the wild and wacky Florida Serial killer Serge A. Storms. After 13 novels, you would expect a wide variety of situation, no matter how madcap, allowing you to get a glimpse of the ever changing demented mind. Well, we might as well be expecting free healthcare and lower taxes. With Serge, you basically get the same basic thing. Serge and Coleman dashing from one interesting Florida locale to another, telling a lot of the same jokes and doing a lot of the same insane (for Serge) and self destructive (for Coleman) stuff. Along the way Serge will come up with ever elaborate ways to kill the scum that seems to float to the top of the Sunshine State. Eventually, you’d think it would get old.

Well, it hasn’t yet. A Serge novel is like the worlds most amazing rollercoaster that you can ride when ever you want, but, once a year they make it even better. Yeah, Dorsey throws in some plot device that encourages Serge to do his thing, In Electric Barracuda, Serge is traveling throughout Florida blogging about his latest idea, Fugitive Tours, which will allow you to see Florida as you would if you were running from the law. While doing this, he is unknowingly being chased by the law. Along with that you have a corrupt lawyer, Mahoney still stuck in his noir fantasy world, a mystery man, Mikey (a special guest on his journey)  and a big surprise for Serge. Oh, and Coleman drinks, and takes the orange pill.

To make things even better, Oliver Wyman again performs the reading for the audiobook. Wyman handles a hell of a load taking on Serge and it truly is a marvel. His performance not only does the material justice, but I would argue makes the book even better. If you have only read a Serge Novel, and haven’t had the chance to experience it in audiobook form, then I urge you, take a chance and listen. You haven’t truly experienced the world of Tim Dorsey’s creation, until you have heard it read by Oliver Wyman.



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