Audiobook Review: The Lost Gate by Orson Scott Card

31 01 2011

The Lost Gate (Mithermages Book 1) by Orson Scott Card

Read by Stefan Rudniki and Emily Janice Card

Genre: Fantasy

Blackstone Audio

Quick Though: A Coming of Age tale as only Orson Scott Card can do, enhanced by excellent performances by the narrators.

Grade: B

Oh, you may have read this one before. You see, there is this boy, who isn’t well liked in his community. In fact, he is strongly, almost murderously disliked by some people quite close to him. Making matters worst, this boy has powers and abilities that set him apart from those around him and eventually cause him to have to leave the only home he ever new. Yet, this powers maybe the only thing that could save his world.  Oh, oh, and this book is written by Orson Scott Card. Any guesses? Ender’s Game… nope. The Homecoming Saga,,, wrong again. Pathfinder… three strikes and what not. Good guesses all, but in fact, this latest coming of age tale is The Lost Gates, the first book in Cards latest series, The Mithermages.

While Card may be traveling in somewhat familiar territory, he does it well, in ways that only he can. This time, our young hero Danny North is escaping the wrath of his family, descendants of the great Nordic Gods who have been slowly losing power ever since Loki closed the Gates to Westil, a planet of great importance to regenerating the power of the gods. Within the tale of The Lost Gate, Card also spends time on the Lost Planet following a fantastical tale of Castle Intrigue which eventually connects to the main story of Danny, our young, inexperienced yet powerful Gatemage, who is perhaps the only person left who can create a gate back to Westil.

The Novel comes off a bit uneven at times, yet it is a very accessible tale, with elements of a Young Adult novel, but full of adult concept so that it can be enjoyed by young and not so young alike. I also believe that, like many of Cards novels, it is enhanced by the audiobook version. Stefan Rudniki and Emily Janice Card handle to competing story line beautifully. Emily Janice Card is particularly good handling tougher material, and he pleasant yet sultry tones work well with the changing allegiances and artful deceptions of the  Courts of Westil. Rudniki as always, despite his deep voice, handles all the characters, women, men, boys and girls alike, with perfect tone and makes them all memorable.




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