Audiobook Review: March in Country by E. E. Knight

18 01 2011

March In Country: The Vampire Earth (Book 9) by E. E. Knight

Read by Christian Rummell

Audible Frontiers


In Vampire Earth, there are three main categories of baddies. First there are the alien Kurian’s and their Reapers, who feast of the vital aura’s of humanity. Then there are the servants of the Kurians, whether it is the human Quislings or the alien Grogs, these groups do most of the dirty work for the evil overlords.  Finally, there or the supposed good guys, the bureaucrats and functionaries of Southern Command, who are supposed to be supporting the fight against the Kurian’s but let their prejudices and desire to maintain their own status quo to hamper those doing the actual fighting. In March in Country, the ninth book in the Vampire Earth series, and the third of a three book Arc about the founding of a new Freehold, David Valentine must deal with all three.

Like David Valentine’s career, the Vampire Earth series has had its hills and valleys. Well, March in Country is a hill, if not a mountain of a book. It again reminds us why we fell in love with this series. Valentine is again accompanied by his strange assortment of friends, Ahn-Kah, Valentine’s Golden One companion, the elusive Cat Duvalier, and all his loyal soldiers both Grog and human. And this is what truly makes Vampire Earth a winner, the characters that grow on you. This is how we get to see past Valentines exterior, and learn what this heavy hearted hero truly is, by the way he interacts with a tableau of unique characters.

March in Country is only made better by the excellent reading by Christian Rummel. Rummel has a smooth voice, and handles the narration beautifully. Yet, what makes him stand out here is the way he deals with the characters in the book. His voices aren’t overdone. Aliens sound alien, but not cartoonish.  He handles the female characters, not with a weird falsetto like many readers, but with just enough of a subtle change in tone. The team of EE Knight and Christian Rummel makes this one of the best Science Fiction audiobook series being produced today.

Grade: A-




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