Audiobook Review: Last Light by Alex Scarrow

6 01 2011

Last Light by Alex Scarrow

Read by David John

Isis Audio


You know, without oil, we’re pretty much screwed.

That is the theme to Alex Scarrow’s apocalyptic novel Last Light, which follows the Sutherland family as the deal with the affects of a series of seemingly terrorist attacks that put a stop to the flow of petroleum around the globe.  In days, society breaks down, leading to food riots, street gangs gone crazy and a lot of ineffectual attempts by the government to control the chaos. As far as post apocalyptic novels go, Last Light doesn’t break too much new ground, yet it handles the tropes of the sub-genre well.

One of the themes of post apocalyptic novels is the conspiracy that lead to the eventual crisis. Here, Scarrow creates a seemingly age old conspiracy  of “The Banker to the bankers to the Bankers,” twelve men who are basically responsible for everything from the American Civil War, to Hitler’s Rise, to the September 11th attacks. Of course, our hero Andrew Sutherland, and his family run afoul of there arch-conspirators, and are in quite a bit of danger.

While the conspiracy stuff can be a little much at times, the overall experience of the book is quite a lot of fun. David John handles the narration, and brings a lot of British cheekiness to the readings, without being confusing to my Yankee ears. My only issue with the production is the sometimes distracting pause between sentences of the narrator.  Sometimes I would find myself counting how long it took after he ended a sentence and began the next (usually around 2 ½ seconds.)

Overall, for fans of post apocalyptic fiction, and those into Illuminati type conspiracies, this book is for you. I certainly will be checking of its sequel Aflerlight real soon.


Grade: B-



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